Why PushPointe? We believe that…

everyone can live the fit life…what challenges you, changes you…you are what you eat…it’s all in the journey, so enjoy it…variety may be the spice, but consistency is the main ingredient.

Pushpointe Fitness is a US based wellness company focusing on health, exercise, and nutrition. PushPointe's mission it to inspire and instruct you how to improve your life and reach your health and fitness goals. PushPointe offers expert content, tips, and information, as well as small group, personal, and online training and workouts to support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family. We support you in every way to live the fit life and be the healthiest and most fit version of you.

We also provide nutritional support and wellness coaching; truly making PushPointe a comprehensive and versatile resource for your healthy and fit lifestyle.

In our community we support each other in living the fit life by sharing ideas, healthy recipes, and motivational tips to keep our bodies and minds strong.

PushPointe’s approach is based on a simple principal – get fitness results by: 1) using workouts that are varied, evolving, and challenging; and 2) fueling the body with foods that promote health and support fitness.

PushPointe is for you, whoever you are. The workouts will challenge you to achieve more than you ever thought you could.

Be strong, ride strong, think strong. Give effort, keep going. Push yourself, challenge yourself. These are the mantras you will hear in class.

Classes are designed to challenge your body and strengthen your mind - leaving you stronger physically and mentally. “Start Strong. Finish Stronger.”

Music is an integral part of the workouts. The playlists are created with the intention of moving you.

Leonard will lead, support, and motivate motivate you through safe, effective, and challenging workouts. But ultimately your effort is up to you. Whether a beginner or an experienced exerciser, you will get what you need out of every workout to progress and achieve your fitness goals.

We’re located in the Fort Mill, SC area. Please contact us at (803) 450-4223. We’d love to hear from you!

"Can’t say enough good things about Sarah and Leonard!! Leonard is currently training me to be in the best shape for my May wedding! Every session is not only challenging, but fun and always different! If your looking to get back in shape, live a healthier lifestyle or just enjoy working out then I HIGHLY recommend these two! They are so positive, fun and really genuinely enjoy what they do! Their cycle classes are also AMAZING! Check them out and don’t be scared to try a class or two when they open their own facility!!"

Jenna B

"Fort Mill, York, Charlotte, Florida, and even New York! Whereever you are it is worth the travel:) The BEST cycle/fitness instructors are opening their very own studio right here in Fort Mill!"

Melissa R

"Charlotte and York County friends, if you are looking for the greatest health and fitness instructors anywhere, I highly recommend Leonard Scriven and Sarah Knill to you. They are extremely knowledgeable and excellent motivators. Whether you are “fitness freak” or a newbie, they will challenge you and encourage you toward your goals."

Dani T

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